All the fun Thing we enjoy here at Crooked lake Resorts 

Jr helping Ron water the plants . 
Ron always enjoys watering plants . it gets him out side to enjoy some R&R from the wife.
 Guest taking the pontoon boat out for the day 
Enjoying the day on the Lake 
Great Fishing 
Hunting is good for these Guys .
          Crooked Lake Resort had a triple Wedding this weekend on the beach 5/21/201.
 It was the first triple wedding held here. We have had  4 other wedding here . Mr. & Mrs. Lumpkins , Take a look at some of Wedding  party & guest  guest.   

Mr. &  Mrs.Slater
Mr . &  Mrs. king 
Mr. & Mrs.  Lumpkins 
The Bridle party 
The wedding  5/21/2017
Bass 21 in  2016
The happy couple 
The Happy Couple 
flower toss 
Lets all kiss