Ron's hard work and dedication to making this resort the most beautiful ,enjoyable,and relaxing place for our guests who stay here.We do hope everyone enjoys the flowered landscape ,waterfall,play areas,and the cabins. We will continue to make this resort better every year.With new look of elegance .comforts of a home away from home. and more things to do while your here. We have been awarded the top 10 resorts in Michigan for 11 years in a row and we would like to achieve the #1 of the top 10.  We love  our resort and we care about the  people who come here to stay . We love the beauty we can provide, because you are important  to us. Your  vacation time does mean a lot to us     

"Were the Fun begins"
We will keep you posted on the next concert   for more information go to  mi.chiganx Country hall of fame 
Ron Playing 
Torry, ashley  christmas songs
Other hall of fame performers
Ron has been nominated for the Michigan Country Hall of Fame .They played there Christmas concert 12/2/2017
Donah Hyland
Leon Seiter & wife

Phil Fillhard