Hidden here in Michigan’s best kept secret we harbor six lakefront log cabins, each holding their own enchanting experience. With their own name comes their own personality and wonderful qualities they each possess. The experience each cabin has to offer, is what makes our resort so charming and unique. Come experience it for yourself and find what cabin is best for you and yours; you may fall in love with more than just one. 

Introducing Our Cabins
Cabin #1: The Lakeside Stowaway 

    The Lakeside Stowaway (Cabin #1) offers a whole unique experience in itself. Stowed away at the trails end of our Resort, the lakefront cabin is hidden on the edge of the property perfect for the guests who are searching for a relaxing hideaway to rest for a while.  

Cabin #2: Lilypad Landing

    Lilypad Landing (Cabin #2) offers the whole lakefront experience, in the center of all the resort has to offer. You will feel secluded enough to unwind but at the forefront enough to feel the excitement of all there is around you. Feel the breeze from the lake flow into the ambiance of your cozy cottage. If you take the opportunity to listen to the wildlife, you will hear the frogs croak, the deer dine, and the fish forming a conga line. You won’t miss a thing when you choose Lilypad Landing as your retreat. 

Cabin #3: Cozy Corner 

    Cozy Corner (Cabin #3) nuzzled into the coziest of corners in our resort. The cozy cottage offers a pause in time. A chance to unpack your belongings and unwind in the hideaway of a lifetime. During your stay you will feel your troubles and stress meltaway. In your experience you will leave feeling refreshed and amazed unable to describe the tranquility of your experience. You will have to bring your friends and family to come experience it for themselves. 

   Cabin #4: The Eagle’s Nest

The Eagle’s Nest (Cabin #4) offers an enchanting experience unlike any other. Perched further up the hill this cabin offers a breathtaking view. Overlooking the lake and all of the resort, you will feel awakened and at peace overloading your senses with enlightenment. Alongside your cabin you will find the garden walkway leading to the playset and down to the shore. The ivy holds tight to the pavillion savoring every moment in this heaven like oasis as the blossoms stand tall for you and yours to fall in love with. Claim a spot on one of the benches along the bend and soon you will want to make a habit of visiting your floral friends. 

Cabin #5: Sportsman Lodge

    The Sportsman Lodge (Cabin #5) stands tall like a castle fit for royalty. This larger-than-life log cabin has so much to offer. From a chance to get away with the entire family or plan a guys or girls weekend. The Sportsman Lodge spares no time to waste, whether you take a nap in a hammock while overlooking the lake, venture to the surrounding stateland for a hunt or wet a line and catch some fish. Everyone will want to bunker down and stay for as long as possible in this unbelievable lodge. 

Cabin #6: The Hilltop Hideaway

    The Hilltop Hideaway (Cabin #6) offers a warm, whole-hearted experience. The updated ambiance promises a place for you to hideaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Upon arriving you will feel your worries disappear as you enter through the threshold of the front door. This hidden escape will immediately bring you comfort and happiness making it easy for you to name this your home away from home.  

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Cabin #7: Beach Retreat 

At the edge of Crooked Lake surrounded by heavenly views Beach Retreat (Cabin #7) waits for you. This beachy cottage gathers and combines the essence of Crooked Lake with the perfect combination of recreation and relaxation. An ambiance of comfort laced with spontaneity. It’s cozy, with a comfortable, laid-back feel, beachy accommodations just a short walk from the lake, glowing fire pits, and fresh lake breezes. Any time of year, the Beach Retreat you’ve come to discover is here. Don’t miss out on a year-round sense of tranquility that calms the spirit and sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.